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Traveling to Tikal from Guatemala City

Traveling to Tikal from Guatemala City

Tikal National Park is located in the North of Guatemala.

The government just finished the construction of a high way from Guatemala City all the way to Flores Island.

Flores Island is a nice place to spend a couple days before or after your tour to Tikal the Mayan City. Offering a really nice variety of restaurants and bar with lake front views, Flores is known for its beautiful sunsets.

Transportation from Guatemala City

  • Airplane : There are two schedules normally one at 6 am and another one at 2pm every day. The flight takes 40 minutes and it lands in Santa Elena airport that is just 10 minutes drive from Flores Island.
  • Bus or Car: There are several bus companies that offer transportation to Flores Island with a different types of schedules, offering services from economic class to luxury class.

At TikalGo we are happy to arrange this for you, where you would be able to have access to good quality service and transportation.

The island of Flores is located at 500km from Guatemala.

  • Renting a car in Guatemala City, it is possible to rent a car there are several companies offering services like for example: Budget
  • Driving in Guatemala can be challenging since the signs are not very clear, they are only in Spanish and the traffic around some areas is very heavy.
  • In terms of safety is important to know where you are going, have a GPS available to show you directions to avoid getting lost. Renting a car in Guatemala is consider safe but is important to take precautions and be well informed of where to go. Is advise to drive during the day time more than during the night.