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The latest news from Tikal Go

Tikal Go Number 1 Tour Operator according to TripAdvisor

Thanks to all our costumers to make us the best tour Operator in Flores Island Guatemala.

Make your own tortilla in the tour to Tikal

Surely you have tried the corn tortilla at home but we assure you that the best corn tortillas you will try in your life will taste them in our restaurant in Tikal.

Number 1 Tour operator in Belize to Tikal

We already have more than 1000 tours sold from Belize to Tikal in 2017, we want to thank all our customers for trusting us.

Tikal Tour From Belize

Tikal is unique in the world and the best thing you can do is organize your tour with the best. Tikal Go takes you to know the wonderful world of the Mayans.